Adult Dance

The Elite Dance adult classes are a perfect way to get an introduction to dance, or to rejoin the world of dance if you’ve been out of it for a while!

Our adult dance classes are for fun and exercise. They are designed for beginner students, who wish to take their first step into dance and for students who used to dance when they were young and are hoping to get back into it. For our adult classes, there is no involvement in the end of year concert or eisteddfods, no performance pressure, just a great intro into dance.

We have two great class options for our adult dancers: Ballet, or Tap – you can read more about each class below. We also hold workshops in the holiday periods, to give our adults a taste of different styles! If you’d like more info on our adult dance classes, or would like to reserve a place in the next term, please contact us at

We can’t wait to start your dance journey with you and hope to help you reach your dance goals.

Did you miss out on being a little ballerina?! It’s never too late to start. Join us in our adult ballet classes for the over 20’s.

No stress of concert performances, our adult ballet classes are a great introduction into the world of ballet while learning the foundations of classical ballet technique! If this is your first go at ballet, we recommend joining our beginner-intermediate class, if you’ve got a strong dance background you’ll feel more at home in our intermediate-advanced class.

Enrolments are being processed now, see you in class!

For those that aren’t too keen on classical ballet, why not give our adult tap lessons a try? You can stomp around to your heart’s content as you have a fantastic time making NOISE!

Again, there is no added concert pressure, just an energetic class to give you a great foundation into tap dance. You’ll get to learn lots of steps, plus work on a little mini routine each lesson. Enrolments are being processed now, see you in class!

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Our 2019 Adult Dance Timetable:

Adult Ballet (Beginner-Intermediate): Monday 7:00-7:45 West Gosford
Adult Ballet (Intermediate-Advanced): Tuesday 7:00-7:45 West Gosford
Adult Tap: Wednesday 5:00-5:45 Niagara Park