The student journey

At Elite Dance, our curriculum is designed to give our dancers the best educational experience. It allows students to excel at their chosen hobby and meet their dance goals. At Elite Dance, all our gemstone dancers take ballet as their foundation style, and are offered a range of styles and extension classes to create their own unique dance journey.

Our Dancers begin their journey with us in our Little Jewels Preschool Program. Our unique three year curriculum begins by introducing children to the wonderful world of dance and progresses them through technique foundations, preparing them for our mainstream school.

Our Little Jewels learn a combination of ballet and tap technique in their lessons which follow a beautiful immersive theme each term. Our curriculum incorporates dance technique, an appreciation for music and movement, along with developing gross and fine motor skills. Beautiful props, music and nurturing lesson plans make our Little Jewels classes the most wonderful introduction to the dance world.

Little Jewels students attend class once per week for 45 minutes, where they learn both ballet and tap within the one lesson. When our Little Jewels are ready to head to big school they are eligible to graduate out of our preschool program and join our mainstream classes. From Little Jewels, our dancers move up into the Ruby gemstone stream.The Ruby Gemstone is the first tier of our mainstream classes in our unique progression system, and our Little Jewels are invited into the Ruby stream when they head to kindergarten. Our Ruby dancers take one 45 minute ballet lesson each week as the base of their foundational technique. They are also welcome to add tap, jazz, and lyrical classes depending on where they would like to focus their dance journey. Most of our Ruby dancers take 2 styles of dance with us.

Ruby dancers are also offered the option of an R.A.D. Ballet Extension class, which gives dancers the opportunity to take part in ballet exams through the Royal Academy of Dance. 

Ruby dancers will work through our curriculum and work towards assessments in ballet and their chosen styles, along with participation in our midyear showcase and end of year production. Most of our Ruby Dancers tend to be in this stream until Year 2 at primary school, from here they will progress into our Sapphire stream.

Our Sapphire Gemstone is the second tier in our Gemstone curriculum and holds students in years 3 to 6 at primary school. Our Sapphire dancers take one 45 minute ballet lesson each week to continue their foundational technique, along with their choice of tap, jazz, and lyrical. Many of our Sapphire dancers take 3 styles of dance with us and we help make this easy on families by scheduling back to back classes where possible into our timetable.

Our unique curriculum continues to guide students through learning age appropriate technique in their styles, and Sapphire dancers work towards their gemstone assessments, a mid year showcase and our end of year production

In addition to our R.A.D. Ballet Extension class, Sapphire dancers can also be invited to our competitive extension stream, which encompasses soloist competitors and our troupe teams. At the end of primary school, Sapphire dancers are invited into our Emerald stream.

The Emerald Gemstone is the third tier of our gemstone curriculum and the first of our senior school. Dancers are invited into the emerald stream when they reach highschool. As with our junior school, Emerald dancers take one ballet class a week, along with their choice of tap, jazz, contemporary and lyrical. Traditionally our emerald dancers take 3 or 4 styles of dance with us.

Emerald dancers are invited to continue their ballet exam journey in this stream with R.A.D. extension classes being offered, as well as our competitive extension stream. Dancers who compete at this level often take part in various eisteddfods throughout the year as their schedule allows.

As our Emerald dancers reach 14 they are able to apply for our assistant teacher training program. This program is open by application only and is coordinated by Alisa, the Director of Elite Dance.

Our Diamonds are the sparkle of our curriculum, the final tier of the the gemstone progression system and the top of our senior school. Our diamond dancers have spent many years perfecting their skills and we love watching the culmination of their dance education. Diamond dancers continue their ballet foundation with us and the final levels of our additional styles of tap, jazz, contemporary or lyrical.

Like our other levels, the diamond dancers are also offered the R.A.D. Ballet extension classes to take part in their senior ballet exams, and our competitive extension stream. Most of our diamond dancers take all available styles with us and are at the studio with us multiple days a week.

Diamond dancers who are part of the assistant teacher training program will take this course along side their regular classes. They are an intigral part of our dance community and are role models for our younger dancers.

Once our Diamonds reach 18 or finish year 12, they graduate from our gemstone curriculum and are invited into our adult pathways. At the end of this level, dancers are often completing year 12, and deciding what role dance will play in their lives. Our team are on hand to offer advice when needed for this. Some dancers, who wish to make dance their career are encouraged to audition for full-time studios to continue their dance journey, others who wish to gain a career in dance teaching are guided down this path. Many of our dancers do not want to make a career out of dance, but still wish to have dance in their lives, our adult programs are the perfect place for this.Our adult dance programs offer a variety of options for our dancers and we are honoured to be on such a variety of dance journeys. Our adult dance program is open to all dancers 18 and over with no upper age limit.

PERFORMANCE STREAM: Our adult performance stream is the next step up from our Diamond dancers. Many dancers take this path while studying and working in their own fields. They are able to continue their dance journeys with us in a condensed schedule. Dancers in our adult performance stream take part in our mid year showcase, and our end of year production however are given open classes, without the need for assessment.

ADULT DANCE: Our adult dance classes are open to everyone who wishes to dance. No previous dance experience is required, and we are able to adjust exercises as necessary to cater for injury, limitations, or pregnancy. Our adult dancers range from 18 to 80 and we offer classes in a variety of styles with no performance pressure.