Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the studios? We have two convenient studio locations:
Ground Floor, Niagara Park Stadium, and Unit 3, 7 Comserv Close, West Gosford.
Our studios are approximately 5 minutes drive apart. Be sure to check which studio your class is held in


I’ve never danced before, can I still join? Absolutely, at Elite Dance we believe everyone deserves to dance and all students are welcome regardless of previous experience. Experience level and age will be taken into account when helping you select the right classes to shine and grow in


Why is ballet compulsory? At Elite Dance, our curriculum is designed to give students the best dance education, no matter their end goals. We understand that not all children who dance want to go into a dance career, however we strongly believe that all students deserve to be taught properly and given the best educational experience (even if they just want to ‘dance for fun’). As teachers, we understand the importance that a ballet foundation gives to all dancers. Part of the fun of dance is a sense of achievement and having ballet as the base for all our dancers allows us to help them achieve milestones and excel in their chosen hobby.


Can I try first? We don’t offer a free trial option at Elite Dance, however new students are welcome to take part in a one off Introductory Lesson in their class before committing to the term. Intro lessons are $19 each payable in advance – this amount can be deducted from your term payment upon enrolment.


Do I have to wear the uniform? Yes, our uniform does have some variety in it and room for personalisation however it is essential that all students are attired for class correctly. Correct fitting dance shoes are required in all classes appropriate for the style of dance being taken.


Can I perform? All our children’s classes are involved in our mid year showcase and our end of year concert. Information and dates for these performances are released to parents as soon as we have them so you have plenty of time to perform. Performing is not compulsory, we’ll just need to know upon enrolment if your child won’t be taking part.


Can I compete? If you’re interested in taking part in the competition environment, please let your class teacher know. We have had many students over the years compete in various eisteddfods, and look forward to sharing more of the dance world with our students. Competitions are not compulsory and will only be offered to those students who are interested.


What about ballet exams? As an R.A.D. studio we offer ballet exams through the Royal Academy of Dance for our students. In order to take part in ballet exams, our gemstone students are required to be enrolled in their own gemstone ballet level, along with the R.A.D. extension class for their grade. Ballet exams are usually held in Term 3. The ballet grade for your dancer will be selected by the teaching faculty based on previous experience, age, and ability. Ballet exams do require an additional commitment, both time and financial, and exam candidates will be required to participate in holiday preparation workshops, and mock exams in the lead up to their scheduled ballet exam.


How do I pay? Elite Dance tuition is processed in two easy payments per term through our parent portal and a prepayment is required for term fees. We utilisie autopay through Stripe and DanceStudio Pro for the convenience of our families. All classes are registered on your online parent portal and statements are issued before term begins. 50% of your term fees are charged to your credit card or debit card prior to term commencing with the balance for the term charged in week 4. We do not accept other forms of payment at Elite Dance.